One Gloss PS 50 Pk

  • $149.95

OneGloss PS (plastic shank) finisher / polisher provides the ideal finish to all composite restorations. By altering the pressure on the restoration, OneGloss PS adjusts, finishes and polishes in seconds! Each silicone polisher is mounted on a sturdy, plastic mandrel ensuring smooth, steady operation when the rotary instrument is being used. OneGloss PS is disposable, making set up and clean up a snap! Each polisher is durable to withstand polishing an entire arch. Each box contains 50 individually wrapped polishers of one type of shape. Choose from Cups, Midi points or IC (inverted cone) shapes. In addition to the refill boxes, an assortment kit is available with all three shapes-15 cups, 15 IC and 20 Midi. The OneGloss-SuperBuff Combo Set provides a complete finish, polish and super-polish solution for composite restorations. The Combo Set contains 20 each of OneGloss Cup, Midi-Point and IC shapes, 25 SuperBuff disks and 5 CA mandrels